Welcome to Austral Croissants.


Austral Croissants produces a wide variety of breads, including Cobs, Baguettes, Focaccia and a selection of small and large rolls.
With a French influence and traditional baking practices, Austral Croissants products will provide a crunchy European style crust when cooked to the recommended instructions.
Cook par-baked products at 180 / 220 degrees for 8 - 10 minutes until desired colour. (A better finish from thawed)
Cooking at a lower heat will only dry the bread.

Specialty Breads

Austral Croissants has a selection of speciality breads to suite most catering establishments. Turkish, Ciabatta and Pannini's in a variety of different flavours and sizes, enquire with your wholesaler for supply, or contact us for your nearest stockist.

Artisan Breads

The Original art of bread making has been around over 2000 years. This small range has proven to be a successful addition to an ancient practise of leaven bread. A longer fermentation process brings out the goodness and flavour of a true Artisan product.