Artisan Breads

The Original art of bread making has been around over 2000 years. This small range has proven to be a successful addition to an ancient practise of leaven bread. A longer fermentation process brings out the goodness and flavour of a true Artisan product.

As with our other Austral Croissants Breads, this unique delightful range also offers a thin crunchy European style outer layer, when cooked to the recommended instruction. It is SNAP frozen from fresh, designed to provide freshly cooked bread on a daily basis, aimed at all sectors of food service. No Artificial Colour. No Artificial Flavours. No Preservative

Cooking Direction:
o Preheat oven to 200 deg C.
o Bake at 190-200 deg C for 6-9 minutes or until desired colour
Par Baked bread can be thawed first or add extra 3-4 minutes in the oven if baked from frozen.
DO NOT slow cook as bread will dry out.
DO NOT thaw and refreeze.
RESEAL carton after opening to prevent bread from drying
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003 Mini Banette SOUR DOUGH
054 Mediterranean BANETTE ROLL
011 Banette Baguette Cereal 110g
157 Banette Baguette Wholemeal 110g
053 Banette Roll Cereal 35g
052 Banette Sandwich Sliced 110g
051 Banette Roll White 35g
050 Banette Baguette 110g