Specialty Breads

Austral Croissants has a selection of speciality breads to suite most catering establishments. Turkish, Ciabatta and Panini’s in a variety of different flavours and sizes.
This is fully baked European Speciality Range. With a strong French influence and traditional baking practices, this delicious flavoursome range also offers a thin crunchy European style crust experience, when cooked to the recommended instruction. It is free form cooked on alveolus flat trays. Snap frozen from fresh, designed to provide freshly cooked bread on a daily basis, aimed at all sectors of food service. No Artificial Colour. No Artificial Flavours. No Preservative
Please enquire with your wholesaler for supply, or contact our Sales Representative on 0403 333 214 or email our sales department on sales@australcroissants.com.au for your nearest stockist.
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021 Turkish Square 110g
Pannini Loaf
133 Focaccia Loaf 600g
132 Focaccia Sandwich 110g
020 Turkish Bread Round 110g
019 Turkish Bread Long 110g
018 Turkish Bread Large 450g
014 Ciabatta Loaf 450g
013 Ciabatta Sandwich 110g