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035 F/Roll Catering Wholemeal

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035 Function Roll Catering Wholemeal

This is a Par Baked European style bread.  With a strong French influence in traditional baking practices, this bread offers a thin crunchy European style crust experience, when cooked to the recommended instruction.  It is free form cooked on alveolus trays.  Snap frozen from fresh, designed to provide freshly cooked bread on a daily basis, aimed at all sectors of food service.  No Artificial Colour. No Artificial Flavours. No Preservative


Cooking Direction:

    • Preheatoven to 200 deg C.
    • Bake at 190-200 deg C for 6-9minutes or until desired colour

Par Baked bread can be thawed first or add extra 3-4 minutes in the oven if baked from frozen.

DO NOT slow cook as bread will dry out.

DO NOT thaw and refreeze.

RESEAL carton after opening to prevent bread from drying


Dietary Information

GMO Free: Yes
Halal Suitable (Not Certified): Yes
Kosher Suitable (Not Certified): Yes
Low Fat: Yes
Palm Oil Free: Yes
Reduced Sugar: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Without Beef: Yes
Without Pork: Yes

Please Note:

This bread is European style free form cooked on alveolus trays; Hence there will be some slight differences in weight and volume, since it is not encased and cooked in a tin.

Carton Quantity:
Pallet Configuration:
6 ctns per layer – 48 per pallet
Country of Origin:
Wheat Flour (Thiamin, Folate); Wheat Bran; Iodise Salt, Improver [Wheat Flour, Dough conditioner (Calcium sulphate (516), Ascorbic Acide(300), 0.02% synthethic L-cysteine (920), Enzymes], Yeast (E491,E300)
Please note:
Made on production line that also process bread products containing milk solids, roasted barley and sesame seeds.
Nutrition (Average Qty per 100g):
Energy 859.46kJ
Protein 7.35 g
Fat 1.17 g
Saturate Fat 0.33 g
Carbohydrate 22.83 g
Sugars 1.16 g
Water 39.02 g
Fibre 3.60 g
Sodium 572.73 mg
Storage Conditions:
Please kept Frozen at -20 ⁰C Storage
Reseal carton after opening to prevent bread from drying
Shelf Life:
SNAP frozen from fresh
9 months Best Before from Date of Manufacture
Delivery Conditions:
Refrigerated Transport
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