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Focaccia Sandwich

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This bread is European style free form cooked on flat trays.

Hence there will be some slight differences in weight and volume, since it is not encased and cooked in a tin.


This flavour filled product has herbs, olives, sun dried tomato, capsicum and garlic folded through the dough prior to baking.

Just thaw, cut add a filling and toast in a sandwich press for a delicious sandwich.

can be refreshed as a fresh product by placing in a 220 degree celsius oven for 2 to 3 mins.

Carton Quantity:
Pallet Configuration:
6 ctns per layer – 48 per pallet
Country of Origin:
Wheat flour (folic acid, thiamin) Water, tomato and olive mix (capsicum, sundried tomato, olives, sugar, onion, vinegar(cider white) tomato paste, thickener(1442 from maize) iodised salt, lemon, basil, garlic, acidity regulator(330) preservative 202, chilli spice flavour, mineral salt 579, sage and onion mix( onion, sugar (brown and white) vinegar(balsamic/white)thickener (1442 from maize) mustard seeds, dried sage, salt spice stabiliser(415)Dried Yeast (emulsifier E491). Wheat improver (soy flour conditioners 516,300,920) mineral (170) Emulsifier (481,472E malted wheat flour enzyme). Vitamin C
Gluten, soy
Nutrition (Average Qty per 100g):
Energy: 883 kj (211cal). Protein: 7.1g. Fat: Total: Less than 1g. Saturated: Less than 1g. Carbohydrate: 41.6g. Sugars: Less than 1g. Sodium: 663 mg
Storage Conditions:
-18 ⁰ Frozen Storage
Shelf Life:
9 months from Manufacturing Date
Delivery Conditions:
Refrigerated Transport
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