090 Cob Herb and Onion 220g


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This is fully baked European style bread. With a strong French influence in traditional baking practices, this bread also offers a thin crunchy European style crust with enticingly soft inner crumb when cooked to the recommended instruction. Adding to the experience, it has a mouth-watering flavoursome aroma of onion and herbs which are folded through the dough prior to baking. This is SNAP frozen from fresh, designed to provide freshly cooked bread on a daily basis, aimed at all sectors of food service.
NO Artificial Colour. NO Artificial Flavours. NO Preservative


Cooking Direction:

  • Fully cooked, ideal for toasted sandwiches or can also be refreshed in the oven and use as freshly baked.
  • Preheat oven to 200 deg C.
  • Thaw bread first
  • Bake at 190-200 deg C for 3-5 minutes

DO NOT slow cook as bread will dry out.

DO NOT thaw and refreeze.

RESEAL carton after opening to prevent bread from drying


Dietary Information

GMO Free: Yes
Halal Suitable (Not Certified): Yes
Kosher Suitable (Not Certified): Yes
Low Fat: Yes
Palm Oil Free: Yes
Reduced Sugar: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Without Beef: Yes
Without Pork: Yes

Please Note:

This bread is European style free form cooked on alveolus flat trays; Hence there will be some slight differences in weight and volume, since it is not encased and cooked in a tin.


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