About Us

Austral Croissants Pty Ltd has been operating in Queensland since mid-1980s. As markets changed, Austral Croissants diversified into par-bake bread. The business quickly grew into a well trusted brand and established itself as a leading producer of Quality French Bread in Queensland. The company is a family operated, family owned business and the first in Australia to obtained HACCP Certified in the field.


Austral Croissants currently supplies to over 50 distributors with a competitive range of bread products Australia wide; We proudly stands by the product we manufacture and sell.


Our raw materials and Food Grade Packaging are sourced only from HACCP Certified contract manufacturer/Supplier. All testings are performs by contracted NATA accredited laboratories.

Type of Products

French Par Bake Bread is the core of Austral Croissant business. Our products are snap frozen from fresh, developed with the aim of providing consumer with quality fresh products 24 hours per day; designed in mind with manifold benefits to the customer:

1) Having stock on hand means never having to run out.

2) Eliminate waste of unsold products.

3) Par bake offers the consumer a true fresh product at any time of the day as opposed to Afresh Breads cooked in the early hours but sold 18 hours or more later.

With a strong French influence and traditional baking practices, Austral croissants bread products not only provide customer with a Thin Crunchy European Style Crust, but most of all they are light, delicious and healthy alternative to other bread and Par Bake Breads. It is formulated according to customers’ demands. Austral croissants bread products contained No Artificial Colour, No Artificial Flavours, No Preservative, NO Added fats (oils), NO sugar, except for our Speciality range breads  where we use olive oil.


We can also produce customise/formulate and even slice breads according to customer’s need (1 batch minimum).


For further information please call Amanda our Sales Representative on 0403 333 214 or email our sales department on sales@australcroissants.com.au