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et me tell you a little about myself.   My name is Sylvain.  I’m the head chef, Managing Director and owner of Austral Croissants.  I am an accredited experienced French Pastry Chef and professional Patissier confiseur glacier.  I originated from ‘Indre-et-Loire’, a province located at the west-central department of France.  Needless to say, my love of food had leaded me to begin my lifelong career as a dedicated and passionate Pastry Chef. Through hard work, I am proud to pronounce I earned my trade and my academic qualification at Chambre  De Metiers Et De Lártisanal, Tour (37), France.

In the mid 1980’s I moved to Australia and co-founded the Austral Croissants Brand.  Back then, Austral Croissants was dedicated only to manufacturing range of mouth-watering butter croissants (including Danishes) which (I am delighted to say) were perfected by the amount of nurtured folding and the allowing of increased dough maturation. My aspiration was to give Australia the best taste of France.

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